L’Equipe: After Campos took office in Paris, he has not established a better internal working culture

February 11 According to a report by L’Equipe, since Luis Campos became the director of Paris,
The team didn’t create a better internal work culture.

Sources pointed out that players have not seen an increase in training intensity since Campos took over, while managers have noted the low use of video analysis and the lack of analysis following the Marseille game has drawn attention.

Galti, on the other hand, also had problems tactically.
When he first took office, the coach ditched the compact 4-4-2 formation he used at Lille and Nice in favor of a 3-4-1-2 formation which lasted for three months.
Although not perfect, this formation brought a certain level of balance to the team.
The subsequent 4-4-2 diamond and 4-4-2 parallel formations encountered problems.

Galthi, like his predecessors, is to be commended for finding a very complex – if not impossible – solution to the equation, but some of Galthi’s hiring criteria are vague – such as playing Vittinia for 10.
No. – raised some doubts.

Due to the lack of a central defender and a center forward in the summer transfer window, the 3-4-1-2 formation that Galthi clearly wanted to use at the beginning of the season did not succeed. Coupled with Kimpembe’s injury, he had to
change plan.
But during Galti’s coaching of Paris, we rarely saw him change the situation of the game through substitutions and adjustments.

On Friday, Galthi made a rare public criticism of the attitude of the players. Throughout his experience in Lille and Nice, Galthi is not a coach who likes to reprimand players.
After arriving in Paris, the experienced Galti knew that he lacked prestige in such a star-studded team, so he turned to using the “soft policy”, which was successful to a certain extent, but for the team,
He doesn’t seem to be lacking in control.

A few days before the game against Montpellier, Galthi rallied the players and asked them to increase their intensity, after which the team beat Montpellier 3-1 and Toulouse 2-1.
The loss to Marseille was also due to injuries. The club still believes that Galthi can lead the team in the right direction, and the coaching staff believes that Kimpembe’s return can help Galthi reverse the current situation.

(Goblin Slayer)