L’Equipe: If Navas rents out Nottingham Forest, Paris will recall 1 of the 8 loan players

January 29 News According to L’Equipe reporter Loïc Tanzi, if Navas joins on loan
Nottingham Forest have reached an agreement that Paris will terminate the loan agreement of a loan player.

Loïc Tanzi pointed out that Paris goalkeeper Navas agreed to join Nottingham Forest yesterday.

There are currently 8 players in Paris on loan. FIFA stipulates that clubs cannot rent out more than 8 players aged 21 or above in a season. Therefore, if Navas joins Nottingham Forest on loan, Paris will terminate the loan agreement of one of the players.
This means that the player will return to Paris or be sold permanently.

Players on loan in Paris this season:

Dagba – Strasbourg

Kurzawa – Fulham

Diallo – RB Leipzig

Wijnaldum – Rome

Herrera – Bilbao

Paredes – Juventus

Draxler – Benfica

Icardi – Galatasaray