L’Equipe: Kimpembe and Galtier reconciled over the team’s vice incident, and there is indeed an undercurrent behind it

January 26, according to the famous French media reporters José Barroso and Loïc
According to Tanzi’s latest report, Paris Saint-Germain coach Galtier has had an open conflict with the players for the first time since taking over, and he and Kimpembe have made amends.

A source close to Galtier revealed and declassified: “Paris has four vice-captains: Kimpembe, Verratti, Mbappe and Ramos, in no particular order.
Without Verratti, only Mbappe and Ramos are left. Considering his weight and status in the Paris team, Mbappe was chosen.”

Was the ex-Nice coach talking nonsense in the post-match frenzy?
It was indeed the term “second captain” that sparked the debate and led to a strong response from Kimpembe.

At the beginning of the season, Galtier only confirmed that Marquinhos was the only regular captain, and the only time he did not start the game was when Kimpembe got the captain’s armband, and once Verratti took over.
In these few times, Mbappe was on the court.

In other respects, the five captains are indeed a kind of “team committee”, and they will also provide support for some life issues within the team, similar to a kind of “privileged liaison”.

He and Galtier have been talking since Kimpembe’s public release came out.
What Kimpembe said was that he was just reacting to the internet stuff; Galtier explained that he wasn’t saying Mbappe was the only No. 2 captain, but that they were all four in no particular order.
team leader…

Both parties assured that the matter was over and would not affect their relationship – Galtier admired Kimpembe at the start of the season and was pleasantly surprised by his involvement, his positive and dynamic approach.

However, the Kimpembe incident highlighted three issues:

1. He missed the World Cup because of Achilles tendon injury, which is a bolt from the blue for the players.

2. Galtier keeps talking publicly about his interest in Skriniar, and Kimpembe will naturally have some ideas, after all, someone is going to compete directly.

3. Indicating Mbappe’s struggle for power, in order to persuade him to renew his contract last year, the Paris management internally proposed the possibility of letting him directly wear the captain’s armband.
He declined that invitation, but now agrees that wearing the armband, even temporarily, is a testament to Mbappe’s sense of “ownership” in Paris, underscoring Mbappe’s total involvement with Paris, even if only temporarily.
, is also a signal.