L’Equipe: Vitignia felt distrust from his teammates, and had a small collision with Messi in training

February 24, French media L’Equipe reporter Hugo Delom wrote a column, the title of the article
Yes – Vitinha is going through a complicated period with PSG before the Classic against OM

There is one scene that has stood out for Portugal midfielder Vitinia this season.
On February 11, Paris Saint-Germain suffered a tragic setback, and a few minutes after the end of the game, a livid Vittinia was unwilling to recall the past few hours of footage.
For just over an hour, the former Porto man struggled in the game, with an emotional Neymar criticizing all of his options.

It’s been a very, very difficult time for a new summer signing. He played 15 minutes against Bayern and almost missed the game against Lille (starting). Can he pull himself together?

One discovery, made a few weeks ago, was the surprise of Parisian senior players expressing their “opinions” about the level of some of the summer’s new arrivals.
Naturally, Vitnia did not escape this critical gaze.

Neymar’s frustration at Monaco reflected a distrust of the young Portuguese, something Vitinia has clearly felt with his quick-witted personality.
Of course, after a small, perhaps unremarkable collision with Messi recently, he may have a deeper perception.

It was a rather “manly” bump and touch for the Argentine, and Messi wasn’t shy about letting Vitinia know of his problems.
How do you express yourself in football when two of your team’s biggest stars criticize your performance?

Vitinia has been reflecting on this question for several weeks.
One of the reasons for his underperformance?
The individual is not the only problem, and more importantly, it must be integrated into the overall system of the team.

At the beginning of joining Paris, Witinia expressed to the staff his surprise at the very different Paris style of play-Porto’s style of play is more straightforward and more vertically linked.
The new aid must immediately integrate into the team to adapt to Paris’s style of fast passing and cutting. To be fair, at least Vitignia still had some stable passing and receiving performances in the first half.

But in 2023, people’s impression is very different.
Vitignia seemed to be wandering, as if lost, and he was officially disconnected from the team in Paris.
His loss of the No. 10 spot – which Galtier has publicly expressed some regret for – has not helped his development.
Back in the game, Witinia had no way to show his advantage.
He lost his direction and gradually lost confidence.
This partly explains his current level of mush.

As bad as things have been at times lately, Wittinia still has assets that will allow him to slowly find his form again.
Off the pitch, he’s already become very fluent in French, which has helped with his adaptation.

The midfielder has benefited from the support of some of his team-mates during this difficult period, notably Danilo, whose unifying role and influence are becoming more important every day.

On a team that needs mobility and passing ability, Vittinia will make a big difference at this stage.
The Portuguese has exchanged views with Galtier and Campos and is determined to bounce back.
This contender won’t give up.

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