Levan: we hope to win La Liga and Europa League championships and give priority to the team rather than my golden boots

On December 25, Barcelona striker Levan gave an interview to the Western media. He talked about Barcelona’s title struggle, his suspension, the Golden Boot goal and the team captain.
Next is a detailed interview with Levan:
Barcelona are the leaders of the league, can we expect to win the league and the Europa League this season?
Of course we do. This is a daunting challenge, and we must face it, not that we have no choice. In the Europa League, it is too early to talk about champions. First of all, you have to think about Manchester United, but in the league, you have to pay a lot of attention to every game at home and away. If we go from victory to victory, then we will be closer to achieving the La Liga title.
Do you think it is necessary for Barcelona to work hard psychologically?
It’s not a matter of working psychologically. Our mindset must be the winner, and it doesn’t matter whether we do it right or not. We must have the idea that we want to be champions in the end.
You were suspended for three games. How do you explain that?
I don’t understand, because I didn’t say anything to the referee. For me, there’s nothing wrong with it, nothing ugly. To be honest, I don’t understand that I was suspended for three games. I certainly won’t be suspended.
So far you have 13 goals, while Harland has 18 goals. Do you think you have a chance to win the Golden Shoe for the third time in a row?
I don’t think about it, really, you can’t compare leagues and clubs. Everyone has their goals, their problems. Finally, the important thing is to win the game and the championship, of course my goal is to help the team by scoring goals. When I work, I think about helping the team, not myself.
Pique has retired and Busquets is likely to leave next summer, so there will be a vacancy in the captaincy position. You have a lot of experience, which is very important for young players. Do you want to be one of the captains of the team?
The truth is, I didn’t think about it. I am very concerned about the long season ahead and there are a lot of games. For me, this is not my concern. For me, the most important thing is to try to change the game and help the players on the pitch so that each of them can play at their best.