Li Ang: The experience of the FA Cup is very helpful for Haigang to prepare for the game and start the new season

January 30 News Recently, Shanghai Haigang player Li Ang accepted an exclusive interview with “Oriental Sports Daily”.

Summary of the 2022 season——

This year is not particularly easy, there are many difficulties.
The season is very long. There are many times and many days of preparation period in a year. It is actually very difficult to maintain a stable and coherent state during this process. In addition, the game is played and stopped. These are objective realities. In the end
The result is a pity, because we want better results, we have higher goals.
The process was very hard. Of course, we still did not do our best, which is a pity.

Talking about the resumption of fans watching the game——

I was very excited to see our fans in the last few games.
I think this kind of emotion is not only mine, everyone in our team must have it. The cheering sound of the fans gave us more motivation. It still feels very different to have them on the scene. The whole atmosphere is very good.

Talking about returning to the game after being injured last season —

After recovering from that injury, there were some ups and downs in my state, but I still wanted to help the team and stand on the court to contribute my strength. So when I first got injured, I wanted to treat and recover as soon as possible, and I didn’t want to just let it go in vain.

Talking about losing to Zhejiang in the FA Cup penalty shootout——

Although we lost the last penalty shootout in the FA Cup, we can feel that we are on a relatively correct path, but we still need some time to polish and improve.
I think the performance and experience during that time will definitely help us prepare for the game and start the new season.

Talking about family——

Generally, if there is nothing to do, I must take my family back to my hometown for the Spring Festival. If the team has arrangements, then there is no way.
For Chinese New Year, everyone gathers together, eats, chats, and the more people there are, the more lively it will be.
In our profession, we usually get together less and leave more with our families, so every time we are together, we must cherish it all the more.