Li Jiayue: After many considerations, she may only play as a substitute if she goes to a top European team

January 3rd In an interview with Five Star Sports, Li Jiayue, who just joined the Galatasaray Women’s Football Team
, talked about the reasons why he chose to study abroad this time.

Li Jiayue said: "I came to play in the Turkish Super League after many considerations. At that time, there were Spanish and Norwegian teams who wanted me, but these relatively top clubs had a relatively stable lineup when the league was halfway through.
So I went to those better and top clubs, and there is a high probability that I can only play as a substitute. The central defender is another position that is not likely to be replaced if there are no major problems, so if there are not many games to play,
There is no particular significance in studying abroad. Everyone knows that the World Cup will be in the second half of 2023. In the first half of the year, the Chinese women’s football team basically has no games. This half of the year is wasted for me, so I want to go abroad to play more.
Play more games to keep yourself fit."

"I have also watched Galatasaray’s training and games. When playing against the top clubs in the Turkish Super League, the game rhythm and confrontation are more European. Galatasaray is also vigorously developing women’s football now, investing in
It is also relatively big, and they want to get closer to the goal of European football. Galatasaray is a club, I believe anyone who knows football knows that they are an old giant club, and there are many stars in the men’s football team.
Their club is relatively complete in all aspects. This year, the Galatasaray women’s football team also temporarily ranks second. If they finally win the Turkish Super League, they will have a qualification for the Champions League. Therefore, I choose to add all of the above.
Latasaray’s reason."