Little Thuram: it’s warm to have the support of the fans, and we will continue to make progress in the European Cup.

December 20-in the World Cup in Qatar, which has ended, France lost to Argentina on penalties and missed the defending World Cup champion. The team also returned to France today and met with fans in Concorde Square.
In an interview with the media, Thuram, a substitute for the World Cup final, also talked about his feelings about participating in the World Cup. “frankly speaking, it’s warm to have the support of the fans, and it’s pure happiness to make them proud,” he said. “when we come back from Doha, we want to see them and the support he can give me.”
“We know there are millions of French watching us. Unfortunately we didn’t win, but we are happy to have the support. It’s always a little complicated to forget failure, but we know we’ve given everything. Before the World Cup, there will be European Cup matches and we all want to continue to improve. I hope we can do great things together. ”