Liverpool assistant: the team is on its way back to winning against Manchester City.

December 22-Liverpool will face Manchester City in the fourth round of the Cara Cup on Thursday night, according to liverpoolfc. TV. Liverpool assistant manager Lindsay answered questions at the AXA training centre before leaving for Etihad Stadium. The full content of the interview is as follows:
The preparation of the team to return to the field after the World Cup
Lindsay: it’s a whole new experience for us to insert the World Cup in the middle of the season. I think the quality is very good. In my opinion, this World Cup is a success. It also gives us a break, not only for the players, but also for everyone to have some time to rest. This includes players who have played in the World Cup and, of course, those who have not participated in the World Cup. In addition, it also gives us time to reflect on what is on the pitch and innovate. To be honest, we don’t have time for real training this season. Because usually, you only have three days to prepare and the players need to recover. You must find your place, there is no leeway, you must find the right thing. This is not to say that you have to throw out a problem and let them solve it with football, which is not the case, because you have to play the game the next day and time is always tight. But in this urgent situation, it is also possible. We will throw them some real problems and let them solve them on their own. Then we can correct some mistakes. So it is also good to do so.
Those who played in the World Cup, they are in the form of the game, but they also need some time to rest. We all know that it is the most honorable thing to play for our country. I think they make a lot of people proud in the football world. This is good because they come back with a strong sense of pride. For those players who have come back, such as Arnold and Fabinho, you will see that they are full of energy, rhythm and confidence, which is very important. We also have a very good training camp in Dubai. We are United, we have hunger, we have passion, and we will fight to the end. Not only for Manchester City, but in the second half of the season, we will all be 100% positive.
Liverpool and Manchester City often rotate teams in the Karabao Cup. Will this game be any different?
Lindsay: age is just a number for us, and it’s important to understand that. If this World Cup proves one thing, it is that what you need is your whole team. We have to play in the Champions League, the Premier League and then we have to play in the Carling Cup. I think this is the perfect time to take a comprehensive look at your team. Things are different now, of course, this time, we have a long rest and some players are back from the World Cup. Of course, we still believe that we need to give our young players a chance, not only against our lower league opponents, but also against our Premier League opponents. Because we believe in them, we want them to accept challenges and difficulties. They may struggle a little, but only in this way can they really make progress. My job, Klop’s work, the club’s work, first of all is to improve the ability of our players and the quality of the team, which is what we have been trying to do.
The showdown between Liverpool and Manchester City is always eye-catching
Lindsay: the game against Manchester City is never boring. Both teams will put on a good performance, that’s for sure. We have to be 100% focused against Manchester City, they are difficult to deal with and we are very good and efficient in possession of the ball. It is strange to play immediately after the World Cup, but it is the same for both sides. As I said, we will work hard and the team has proved in the past that as long as our players are on the pitch, they will give their top performance.
As to whether Ben Doc will play in the FA Youth Cup on Thursday or will he play Manchester City?
Lindsay: very clever question, because if I said he was there, he wouldn’t be with us. We had a training session yesterday, and then when I left the pitch with Klop, he said to me, ‘Wow, Stefan Baysetic and Robbie Clarke, they are so mature. They play as if they were 25 years old. I immediately said, “so Ben Doc, what do you think of him in training?”
As you can see, he is very fast, but if your speed and skill are very good, then he will be a very dangerous player. In addition, he has made rapid progress and is willing to study with the team. He quickly adapted to our style and we are very satisfied with the signing of three young players. Then I would like to pay tribute to Matnew Burley because he is our youth scout and he brought in these players.
On whether Thursday’s game can set the tone for Liverpool in the second half of the season.
Lindsay: as I said, we went to Dubai, we can reflect and update our tactics and rules, and really train. We will see it as a new beginning, the lads are hungry, they are enthusiastic and they want to show it on the pitch. We have to really stick together against Manchester City, but it’s not easy. As I said before, this is definitely going to be a top game.
The focus of the training course for Liverpool during the Dubai training camp.
Lindsay: the point is, we have to work together as a team. When we don’t have the ball, we have to be aggressive. We hope that we will be different from all other teams. We have to bring the confidence and faith we have accumulated to the pitch and then act together. Of course, when things don’t go well, you pay special attention to these things, and you may lose some core strengths at these moments, but you have to focus on other areas. We just want to play well and show our characteristics, we only have to win and that’s what we will try to do tomorrow.
For Liverpool, is the offseason “just in time”?
Lindsay: I don’t know. To be honest, I think we’re on our way back to normal. You must accept life as it is. There are a lot of things you can’t change. So, you have to make the most of what you can change, and that’s what we’ve been trying to do. We have made full use of this time, and our body and mind have been well exercised during this period. We know that we can still succeed, but we still have a lot to do and we will keep trying.