Local media: for political reasons, Argentina refused an invitation to meet with the president.

December 21 according to a number of Argentine media reports, the World Cup champion Argentina returned home yesterday to start celebrations, but this time will not meet with President Alberto Fernandez and take a photo.
Tapia, president of the Argentine Football Association, has rejected an invitation to meet with the president on behalf of the team, saying: “I don’t want the team’s achievements to have anything to do with politics. I don’t want to win the World Cup to be used politically.”
According to photos provided by the media, the presidential palace has worked hard to negotiate and is even ready to meet with the Argentine international players on the balcony of the presidential palace.
The local newspaper Nation said Alberto Fernandez was the first president to fail to receive the World Cup champion.
In 1986, Maradona celebrated on the balcony of the presidential palace after leading Argentina to win the championship.