London Football net Analysis of Tottenham Winter window: Conti’s first choice in attack and right-back

On December 30, when the winter window was about to open, the London Football Network analyzed Tottenham’s strategy for bringing in aid.
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The winter window is about to open on Sunday and Tottenham boss Conti is hoping to bring in a few players. Tottenham are currently fourth in the league and their opponents in the last 16 of the Champions League are AC Milan. But at present, in the league, the team behind Tottenham is constantly chasing points, but the team has conceded the first goal in nine consecutive games. The Tottenham manager said in October: “I think the club knows the importance of bringing in important and good players in Winter window. I don’t need to explain this to the club.”
Conti admitted this week that any signings need to be consistent with the club’s philosophy of “young, underpaid players”. According to previous reports, the signing of Tottenham Summer window is to bring a certain number of quality players to Conti. During the winter window, Tottenham need to strengthen, upgrade the squad and let some young players out so that they can grow. Tottenham’s primary targets are up front and right-back. The club hopes to make the Italian manager happy that they will try their best to satisfy Conti’s ideas in the winter window, whether on loan or on loan, such as Bentankur and Kulusefsky last season.
Conti now needs to solve the problem of injuries up front. Kulusefsky, Sun Xingyi, Lucas Jr. and Richardson all have injury problems. Richardson suffered an injury during the World Cup and is not expected to make a comeback in January, while Lucas Jr. ‘s return date is uncertain. Kane has not yet experienced injuries, while Brian Kiel is keen to get a chance to leave on loan. Conti does not recognize the ability of the 21-year-old.
Tottenham currently need more attacking options and Kiel wants to leave on loan. With reference to Liverpool’s introduction of Gakpo, they also have Salah, Jota, Luis Diaz, Nunez and Fermino, and are only five points behind Tottenham. Tottenham drew 2-2 with Brentford in the last round of the league. Conti is reluctant to use untested players and football director Palladzic is ready to look for a replacement.
It is reported that Tottenham are hoping to bring in Brazilian midfielder Tate, who is on loan from Shakhtar Donetsk to Lyon. The winger has contributed six goals and three assists in 14 Ligue 1 games this season, but he has struggled to get a start in Blanc’s squad in the past six Ligue 1 games. Several Premiership clubs have been amazed by Tate’s potential. Atalanta striker Malinowski, 29, is also targeted by Tottenham. His contract expires next summer and the Ukrainian will not be able to get a regular starting line-up in Atalanta. Rennes striker Treyer has scored 11 goals in 20 Europa League matches against Ligue 1. Rennes rejected several offers last summer, while Trier’s contract expires in 2026 and that is unlikely to change next month.
It is reported that Paladic likes Leicester City 25-year-old midfielder Barnes, who has scored six goals in 14 Premier League games and has two and a half years left on his contract. It will cost a lot of money to sign him. Tottenham’s signing department is also watching Watford’s 24-year-old winger Sal, who has scored nine goals in 19 Championship games this season. The Senegal international also scored a goal in the World Cup, helping the team reach the last 16. He has 18 months left on his contract and has contributed only 10 goals and eight assists in the past 50 Premier League games, and Tottenham may also consider bringing in Sal because he can play in different positions.
Meanwhile, Tottenham have been in contact with Crystal Palace winger Zaha, 30, but he is not in line with Tottenham’s “young player” transfer strategy and he has only six months left on his contract with the club. The Ivory Coast international, who has scored six goals and two assists in the last 14 Premier League games, can also enrich Conti’s attacking options. Since the winter window, he has been able to talk to foreign clubs, which has added some competitors to Tottenham.
Everton youngster Anthony Gordon, who has previously been linked with Tottenham, is likely to renew his contract with the club, while Traore, who has only six months left on his contract with Wolves, can choose to negotiate with foreign clubs in the winter window, while Wolves hope to keep Traore.
On the right-back side, if the club signs a new player, Tottenham may let one or two players leave. It is reported that the club will consider an offer for Emerson, followed by versatile Doherty, while they may also let Spencer leave the team on loan. Tottenham are interested in Portuguese sports’ Pedro Polo, even if some question whether he can meet Conti’s requirements. Portuguese sports coach Amorim has said he would have to pay 39.7 million pounds to sign Polo.
Paladic is also interested in Monaco 21-year-old Vandesong, a Brazilian who can play in all positions on the right. His contract also expires in 2027. Another candidate is Internazionale Dumphries, who attracted a lot of attention during the World Cup and will have to spend a lot of money to sign him. Another right-back in the eye of Tottenham is Lyon’s Gusto, who has European experience and is seen as the future star of France. With 18 months left on his contract, the French U21 player is targeted by Tottenham, although he has only one assist this season.
Other positions are not Conti’s first choice, but he likes Casey and they are keeping an eye on the Barcelona player. The Ivory Coast international is more likely to stay at Barcelona, but given the club’s financial crisis, he could also be used in exchange for money. Tottenham already have Bentankur, Hoybeer, Pisuma, Skip and Thrall in the lower back, but they are also keeping an eye on Juve midfielder McKinney. Conti also hopes to strengthen the centre-back after the draw with Brentford.
It is reported that next summer they hope to bring in two centre-backs, a left-back and a right-back who can play at centre-back, and they are also hoping to find a replacement for Lori. There is no buyout clause in Longley’s loan contract and if he shows an excellent performance, Tottenham will negotiate with Barcelona. At the same time, Conti also admires Inter’s Bastogni. In addition, Tottenham also need to leave Tanganga, Kiel, Thrall, Spencer and White on loan in the winter window to give them more playing time.
If there is an offer from the club, they may also let Lothar, on loan to Villarreal, leave the team. If Tottenham can agree with Rennes, Roden could end his loan and return to Tottenham, where the Welsh international lacks playing time for both Tottenham and Rennes.