[Looking at the Super League] In the first issue, let’s talk about the Shanghai seaport with the highest total value

In the first issue, let’s talk about the Shanghai seaport with the highest total value.

After this update, the total value of Shanghai Seaport is 26.29 million euros, and it continues to maintain the status of the first value.
In fact, the high social status of Shanghai Seaport has long benefited from Oscar’s contribution.
Even though his value has dropped to 8 million euros, he still accounts for nearly one-third of the team.

In the Chinese Super League after the collapse of the Jinyuan Building, as the only star who can stay in his prime, Oscar can be said to have supported the entire team, and his performance in the game is also obvious to all.

His skills are still at the international level, but he has returned to his hometown for half a year, and the 30-year-old mark has passed, which is enough reason for me to give him a substantial price reduction (although his performance in the FA Cup after his return is still very good.
Compared with the previous worth of 15 million, it is almost cut in half now, but this worth still makes him rank 38th among players born in 1991 in the world.

Another one I want to single out is Lu Wenjun.
Lu Wenjun’s value has dropped slightly this time, with only 150,000 euros left, but in fact, for a 33-year-old player, this drop is almost equivalent to an increase.
Because almost all international players of the same age have only 50,000 euros left.
As a 33-year-old player who has never been able to represent the national team in an A-level game, Lu Wenjun still scored 8 goals in the Super League this year.

Wu Lei, yes, if you talk about the harbor, you must talk about Wu Lei.
Wu Lei, who has returned from overseas, will almost become the spokesperson of the Harbor Team.
Although the Spaniard’s final playing time was very limited and he scored few goals, he scored 11 goals in 12 Super League games in half a season. For Wu Lei, who is over 30, this achievement is enough for him to successfully maintain his worth of 2 million euros.
And the throne of China’s first worth.

Relatively speaking, except for Wu Lei’s partner Vargas, the other foreign players in Haigang this year are not satisfactory, especially the new striker Ndiaye and Kalonga are not as good as Wu Lei’s half a season.
There are many balls.
Paulinho performed very well in the 2021 season. Although the 2022 season is not too bad, in comparison, various technical indicators have declined to varying degrees, and his worth is also declining.

I spent a total of 3 nights in estimating the harbor team.
This team, which has always been disdainful in the field of public opinion, is a team worthy of serious truth analysis to me.
My associations and thinking in the valuation may not be reflected in an objective value such as worth, but it may be a reference for fans and friends.

When posting the worth list a few days ago, I saw NetEase’s Xibeiwang forwarded it and asked a question, why did Haigang, the most expensive, do not perform well this year?
In the 2022 season, Haigang has 65 points and has withdrawn from the championship competition early.
Many people attribute this problem to head coach Lecco.
But in fact, the poor performance of the cook is not necessarily the only reason for the poor business of the restaurant.

I personally think that the current failure of the harbor should be answered from their success in the past.
In the 2018 season, the Haigang team won the championship from the giant Guangzhou Evergrande at the time. Haigang, immersed in the joy of winning the championship, finally felt that it could be said to be a giant in the Chinese Super League from now on.
But I don’t know whether Haigang has analyzed why they won the championship from Evergrande at such a time point.

As we all know, the transfer market network will be very cautious in evaluating the value of players over 30 years old. Except for the goalkeeper position, 30-year-old players will show a downward trend year by year even if they perform well as they grow older.
This is because the age of 30 is indeed a hurdle for players. Generally, most players will reach the peak of their career level at the age of 26-28. After the age of 30, the physical fitness of many players will decline significantly.
This is why most players will choose to retire after the end of the contract at the age of 33-36.

Let’s compare the player composition of Evergrande and Haigang.
For a long time, Evergrande’s strategy has been that I will buy whoever becomes a national footballer, and only buy as a national footballer.
So we can see that from 2011 to 2018, Evergrande has always been a big player in the international football team.

The transfer strategy of Haigang is different. The team mainly relies on the combination of East Asian capital super foreign aid.
In the era when there were still transfer quotas, Evergrande’s quota would never be enough, and the Haigang team’s domestic aid transfer quota would always be dissatisfied.
Portugal) a player who has proven himself.

In 2018, with Evergrande killing the Quartet, the international players who played in their prime have already passed the golden line of 26-28 (Zeng Cheng 31, Feng Xiaoting 32, Li Xuepeng 29, Zhang Linpeng 29, Huang Bowen 30, Zheng Zhi 37, Yu
Han Chao 31, Gao Lin 32).

Evergrande relied on its own capital to introduce a group of outstanding young players with potential, but these young players have not yet grown to the point where they can play the leading role, and their playing time has been compressed by veterans for a long time.

Although there are also Mesozoic players in their prime, but the number is obviously lower than that of veterans and young players, and Evergrande is in a crisis of lack of success.
After the Asian Cup in early 2019, a group of Evergrande international players were abandoned by Evergrande and the national team at the same time, which also shows the seriousness of the age structure problem.

The “East Asian” players of the Haigang team are in this age group (Yan Junling 26, Wang Shenchao 28, Cai Huikang 27, Wu Lei 25, Lu Wenjun 28, etc.).
It can be said that this