Lopetegui: Against a team like Manchester City, it is very difficult to send points and then unable to recover

January 23, Wolves coach Lopetegui accepted an interview after the Premier League match against Manchester City
, the team lost 0-3 to Manchester City in the Premier League.

Talking about this game——

We didn’t play the game well, and in the end the opponent won. We didn’t have many chances, but we didn’t seize the offensive opportunities either.
In the first half we didn’t play as well as we wanted, we tried to play better when we were one goal behind, but then we were awarded a penalty, and after the third goal, nothing can be changed.

That’s the risk of playing against a team like Manchester City, and we regretted in the first half that the team didn’t just lose, it didn’t play according to the established method.
Of course, we need to prepare for the next game. Whether we win or lose, we need to think about the next game and react.

Talk about team arrangements——

I made three adjustments because I wanted to change things, like possession, defense and pressing, and I wasn’t worried about my players, they could make changes.
We improved a bit in the second half, but unfortunately we conceded the second goal in a penalty and their quality made everything more difficult for us.
We took a big risk and we gave them a penalty when they came into the penalty area.

We had to do better in the opponent’s box, but we didn’t take potential three or four chances and we ended up losing the game.
It is a pity that we did not cause too much trouble for Manchester City in the first half, and we still defended more.
Every game is a challenge for us, even if we win we don’t think everything is done, we have to adjust and keep working hard.

It’s been a long and difficult journey for the team, we are at the bottom of the league, but we need to work hard to prepare for the next game, the team now has a longer break (Wolves have no game next weekend, next week
The game will be played in 2 weeks), we will use this time to try to improve ourselves, we must improve more, every game is a challenge for us, we played today against one of the best teams in the world
The game, the team must continue to work hard.