Lori: we won’t make excuses like players getting sick for losing the game. We fought to the last minute.

December 19-in the early hours of this morning, France lost to Argentina on penalties in the World Cup final. Lori was interviewed by the media after the match.
“it was painful for the World Cup to end in this way,” Lori said. “We really didn’t perform well in the first half, there was too much technical waste, we didn’t win the match, Argentina got us into trouble, so they took a reasonable lead.”
“in the middle of the second half, with Mbappe’s talent and the outburst of team pride, we equalized the score to 2-2. It was like a boxing match. You punched me twice and I returned two punches.”
“Argentina got off to a good start, they played aggressively and made full use of all aspects of the game and we were a little bit caught up in each other’s rhythm all night. Does the poor performance of the team have something to do with the players infected with the virus? We don’t make excuses, we try our best, we don’t cheat, we have to congratulate the players because we didn’t give up until the last minute. ”
(goblin killer)