Löw: I am watching the World Cup at home, and it feels good not to be in it

December 05 News Former German coach Loew talked about his participation in this World Cup in an interview a few days ago
The way the game is played.

Like most fans, Loew watched the World Cup remotely at his home in Freiburg this year.
“I’ve always thought it’s good to watch the World Cup as a melon-eating crowd without being in it,” Loew said.

However, even though he is far away from the team now, Loew, who has worked as the head coach of the national team for 15 years, still misses the German team. He said: “Before the game, I would think in my heart, well, now it should be theirs.
Team meeting time, or their coffee break, or we used to take the bus to the stadium at this time, and now we’re in the locker room, and now we’re going to warm up.”

Just like the German team’s crazy work before this World Cup, the German team in 2018 also caused the German team to be in a storm of public opinion because of Gundogan and others taking a photo with Turkish President Erdogan before the game. Loew now recalls
“It’s really unsettling because the topic came up before the nominations, nobody could stop it, the team was down and football was such a small thing by comparison,” said Qi Qi.

Regarding the decision to “fire” the three meritorious players who went to Munich to “fire” Muller, Hummels and Boateng, Loew said: “Of course I don’t regret this decision.
The way I handled it, I probably could have handled it better.”