Lu Media: The national football match against New Zealand looks forward to winning and looking for confidence. Compared with the top 12 match, there will be a lot of changes in the lineup

February 2 News The national football warm-up match plan is finally settled.
On March 23 and 26, there will be two warm-up matches with the New Zealand team.
According to the “Qilu Evening News” report, the goal of the national football team against New Zealand is to find confidence by winning.

After three and a half years, the national football team finally got the opportunity to compete in an international A-level friendly match.
There is no doubt that New Zealand, which is not as good as its own in the international rankings, is warming up. The goal of the national football team is to win and find confidence.
But what is embarrassing is that although the time for the warm-up match has been determined, the more critical question of the selection of the team coach and training members has not yet been clearly answered.

Currently, the New Zealand national team ranks 105th in the world, and the national football team ranks 80th.
Judging from the rankings, the national football team is expected to find the confidence lost in the top 12 through two warm-up matches, and at the same time make a good start for the new World Cup cycle.
However, it is not easy for the national football team to win two games. In history, the New Zealand national team had three exchanges with the national football team, and the national football team all drew with their opponents.
At the same time, the uncertainty of the composition of the team makes it even more difficult for the national football team to say “sure win”.

Judging from the current situation, under the premise that Jankovic is confirmed as the coach of the U24 Asian Games team, Li Xiaopeng may continue to fulfill the coaching contract and lead the team to fight in New Zealand.
But what is certain is that the lineup of the new national football training team will have a lot of “changing blood” compared with the top 12 games.

In the last few matches of the top 12, Li Xiaopeng deliberately increased the chances of young players such as Gao Tianyi, Dai Weijun, and Zhu Chenjie to play, paving the way for the new national football team.
In the new World Cup cycle, rookies and Mesozoic players will take the lead.