Luo Ti: The out-of-the-closet player Yancto is a Dybala fan. He once portrayed him and praised him for winning the Ballon d’Or

February 15 According to a report from “Corriere dello Sport”, recently
The openly gay Czech player Janktor is a fan of Dybala.

Yanktor recently announced that he is gay, and he played in Italy in the past, playing for Udinese, Sampdoria, Ascoli and other teams.
“Corriere dello Sport” pointed out that Yankto is a loyal fan of Dybala, and he even painted a portrait of Dybala.

In 2017, Yancto posted a portrait of Dybala on social media, when Dybala was still playing for Juventus.
Yanktor said: “In my opinion, he is the strongest of all players. I think he can win the Ballon d’Or. I like him because he has unlimited strength.”

(Su Erhu)