Luo Ti: Wijnaldum participated in the training match against the youth team, the next round of Serie A can come back

February 7 News This Monday, the Roma first team and the Roma youth team played a game
In the training game, Wijnaldum participated in the training game and performed well. He can come back in the next round of Serie A.

Wijnaldum joined Roma on loan last summer and has been absent so far after breaking his tibia in August, but now Wijnaldum has fully recovered.
During the training on Monday, the Roma first-team players who did not start in the previous game mixed with the Roma youth team players and played a training game.
Wijnaldum also took part in this game and is doing well in this test.
“Corriere dello Sport” believes that in the next round of Rome’s Serie A match against Lecce, Wijnaldum can come back.

In addition, the two new aids Solbakken and Llorente introduced by Rome in the winter also played this training game.
Dybala, who was replaced with a waist injury in the last game, is fine and will not affect Rome’s next game.

(Su Erhu)