Luoyang Cultural Tourism Group plans to communicate with Zhengzhou to arrange some home games of the Henan team in Luoyang

January 4 News Recently, Luoyang Cultural Tourism Group officially responded to Henan Songshan Longmen’s plan to play some home games in the Super League next year
Arrangements to be held in Luoyang.

A netizen asked a question on the official website: Luoyang Travel Development became a shareholder of Henan Songshan Longmen Football Club and became one of the three shareholders of the club.
Now that Tourism Development and Wenbao have merged into Cultural Investment Group, will they continue to invest in Songshan Longmen?
Do you intend to continue to invest and move the team’s home court to Luoyang?

The official response of the Cultural Tourism Group stated that: the current shareholder of Henan Songshan Longmen Team has changed from Luoyang Tourism Development Group to Luoyang Cultural Tourism Group, and plans to communicate with Zhengzhou next year to hold some home games in Luoyang.