Ma Dexing: The number of applicants for the Hangzhou Asian Games men’s football team is 22, with a total of 5 substitutions for each game

February 20 News Currently, the Chinese Asian Games men’s football team headed by Jankovic is in the UAE
Training, preparing for the Hangzhou Asian Games.
According to Ma Dexing, according to the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee, the number of applicants for this year’s Hangzhou Asian Games men’s football match is 22, with a total of 5 substitutions for each game.

Whether Jankovic will be the new head coach of the national team has not yet been made clear, but of course Jankovic’s focus is still on the U24 Asian Games team.
After arriving in the UAE, the National Football Asian Games team is currently training normally according to the original plan, basically maintaining the rhythm of two training sessions a day.
According to Jankovic’s vision, after the team arrives in the UAE, there will be eight warm-up games throughout the training period.

When the national football Asian Games team is fully preparing for the match in the UAE, the competition rules for the men’s football match of the Hangzhou Asian Games in September have also been finalized.
It is reported that the age of participating players in the men’s football tournament of this Asian Games has been relaxed by one year, that is, players born on or after January 1, 1999 are still allowed to participate, and each team can recruit 3 overage players.

In addition, the number of player registrations for each team has also increased from the previous 20 to 22, of which 3 must be goalkeepers.
Each team can still use three substitutions in each game, a total of 5 substitutions. If it enters overtime, each team can substitute one more player.

According to Ma Dexing’s analysis, such rules are actually completely in line with the current football game rules, especially in terms of the number of substitutions and the number of players.
The one-year relaxation of the age of participating players is to some extent following the relevant regulations of the Tokyo Olympic Men’s Football Tournament.