Maggath: The root of Neuer’s problem lies in the club, and the interview is an outbreak of long-standing grievances

February 7th, former Bayern Munich coach Felix Magath will transfer his old club and captain Mann
The tension between Nuel Neuer has been blamed on the club.

Magath said: “The club has to look at itself too. If I give an employee a job that he doesn’t actually hold, then the club is to blame.”

Magath explained: “Under Flick, Tapalovic was not just a goalkeeping coach, that’s the root of the problem. If someone puts them in a high position with a lot of decision-making power and then puts them
Take it, then of course they have a problem, Tapalovic is no longer accepting this change as before, the problem is self-inflicted.”

Tapalovic’s role has been unclear since Nagelsmann took over.
At the end of January, Bayern Munich sacked coach Tapalovic after Neuer was injured.
After the coaching change, it was clear that all parties could not agree on Tapalovic’s role and Magath believes the issue was known within the club for a long time, however, it was never really resolved.

Regarding Neuer breaking his leg shortly after the World Cup, Magath said: “Of course, the accident was careless. But footballers are like this, and Neuer is no exception.”

Magath believes that Neuer’s interview was not impulsive, but a long-standing conflict that “broke out” in an instant. He said: “I think his words are very cautious. The real problem is Neuer’s response to Tapa.
Norwich had a problem with the situation at Bayern Munich and it went on for a few months.”

Regarding whether Neuer has a future at Bayern Munich, Magath said: “I don’t want to disparage anyone, but Bayern Munich’s current goalkeeper has no one who can compare to Neuer. I can’t say whether he is still the same after the injury.
, but if he recovers, he will be No. 1 and, in my opinion, there is no one at Bayern Munich who can surpass him.”