Mahrez: A draw is not a bad result, the home game must be won

02 February 23 News in the Champions League knockout round that ended early this morning, Manchester City and Leipzig drew 1 in the first round
-1 draw, Mahrez scored.

After the game, Mahrez accepted an interview with the media: “I think we played well in the first half, controlled the game, and they got nothing. We could have scored one or two more goals, and they performed better in the second half.
It’s the Champions League, every team is tough, in the second half they had possession for a while and then scored as well. We still had chances to kill the game in the second half but we didn’t
do it.”

“A draw cannot be said to be a bad result, now we need to prepare for the game back in Manchester. We have one more leg at home and we have to win.”