Maldini talks about Zaniolo: he will not deviate from the transfer policy, don’t expect Premier League signings

January 25 News AC Milan defeated Lazio 0-4 in the early morning of this morning
After the game, Milan director Maldini accepted an interview with the broadcaster DAZN.

Last year, Milan’s away win over Lazio laid the foundation for winning the championship, but this year they suffered a disastrous defeat…

Milan sent a lot of messages last season before the win over Lazio, we knew we could fight for the title several games ago, now is a different moment, we were knocked out in the Coppa Italia and the Super Cup final against
Inter Milan, who were eliminated in two competitions, ushered in another disastrous defeat today.

We’ve conceded 11 goals in our last three games so it’s a delicate period, we won the title last year with our mental attributes and now we need to get that mentality back again, I don’t think it’s a disaster, we’re on points
Still ranked second in the list and broke into the Champions League knockout rounds, I can understand the criticism from the outside world, but with all due respect, Milan is still on the normal track.

Where does Milan need to improve?

We trained very hard, all the training sessions were well prepared, these are visible to the naked eye, this happens sometimes, I also experienced similar situations when I played for Milan, such as loss of certainty and confidence.
, which is likely to happen.

The important thing is how to come out, to compare yourself, I don’t mean Milan in the 90s, when they were great champions, I mean continue to follow your own path, the current policy allows us
To be the protagonist while ensuring the financial health of the club, we will not deviate from this direction.

Did Milan’s collapse start in the 87th minute against Rome?

We played brilliantly against Salernitana and then dropped two points in a game in control, it all started from there, the form is not good and we have to accept it
And learn from experience.
Now that many injured players are actively recovering from injury, we have a sufficient lineup, and we have almost retained the complete lineup from last season.

We didn’t perform at the highest level in Europe last year, so remember that, we improved from last year and we made it to the knockout rounds in the Champions League, which is a great achievement for us this year.

Is the absence of Casey and Romagnoli a big deal?

We had a lot of players available, Kessie left because he made demands that we couldn’t meet, it happened to a lot of players, we have to be creative now, Tonali and Bennacer have become top players and
After Romagnoli left, Kalulu and Tomori became the main players, and we still maintained our competitiveness.

What else is Milan’s defense lacking?

If the high press doesn’t work, the counter-attack is very dangerous, we didn’t have enough synchronization, it’s been a problem for the last 20 days, but it can be improved, we’ve been doing well before that,
Many times making mistakes is a psychological problem.

When will Maignan return from injury?

The last test result was very smooth, and we expect him to recover almost in February, but the exact time cannot be determined.

What do you think of Divock Origi and Decaturray’s performance?

Divock Origi has a four-year contract, Decatur Raleigh has a five-year contract, we can’t judge the players in the first five months, they join a complete team, it will be more difficult to integrate, the outside world
The evaluation of Decatur Raleigh is not accurate, he has a great talent, and it is only a matter of time before he shows it.

How is Zaniolo’s transfer going?

Regarding Zaniolo, Marsala has made it very clear that we will evaluate potential opportunities, but there is no need to ignore reality, and we will not deviate from the current strategy.
The team hopes to strengthen the lineup, but we will not change the policy of recent years, do not expect the same signings as the Premier League teams or some Italian teams.