Manchester City 0-0 Arsenal halftime statistics: ball possession rate 58%-42%, total number of shots 5-4

January 28 News FA Cup 1/16 final
The focus of the battle, the match between Manchester City and Arsenal is underway. After halftime, the two sides have a 0-0 draw.

The half-time data of this game are as follows (home team first):

Possession rate: 58%-42%

Shots: 5-4

Number of shots on target: 1-2

Offside: 1-2

Fouls: 6-5

Yellow card: 0-1

Shots in the box: 1-4

Goalkeeper Saves: 2-0

Total passes: 242-174

Pass success rate: 84%-77%

Steals: 10-8

Interceptions: 4-5

Clearance: 6-2