Manchester City and Liverpool invited fans from both sides to talk to ease the tension and promised to restrain the fans.

According to the latest report by James Ducker, a famous reporter of the Daily Telegraph, Manchester City and Liverpool held peace talks in the hope of improving strained relations before next week’s match.
The recent talks between the two sides were undermined by a series of ugly events, creating a poisonous atmosphere of hostility.
The most important problem is that the Premier League match at Anfield in October sparked outrage when Manchester City claimed that someone had tossed a coin at Guardiola. Liverpool denounced the disgusting slogans and graffiti of some Manchester City fans mocking the Hillsborough tragedy in the away stands.
Manchester City also claimed that their bus was attacked on their way out of Anfield-just as they did against Liverpool in the Champions League 1/4 final in 2018-and they were infuriated by Klop’s comments about their transfer spending before the game.
Ahead of Thursday’s match at Etihad Stadium, senior officials from the two clubs attended a meeting of representatives from City Matters, Manchester City’s fan network and the Liverpool supporters Committee last month, and now Manchester City and Liverpool have taken action to soften the atmosphere.
Understandably, both sides are committed to improving the atmosphere of future games between Manchester City and Liverpool. While both sides agreed that bad behaviour was mainly caused by a small number of supporters, both sides acknowledged that greater efforts were needed to address the problem.
Season ticket holders of the two clubs are expected to meet before Thursday’s match to outline new commitments and may hold activities before the match in an effort to create a better atmosphere.
In a joint statement, City Matters and the Liverpool fans Committee said: “the showdown between the two clubs has been one of the most interesting games in the world in the past five or six seasons.”
However, we cannot ignore the recent bad behavior of a small number of fans on both sides, which often obscures the result of the game and the brilliance of football. That’s why we are happy to sit down with the two clubs to improve our relationship and promise to work together to improve the behaviour of the fans in future games. ”