Manchester City fans talk about Arsenal’s loss: it is good for both Manchester City and Everton, and the counterattack begins

February 5th In the Premier League game that ended yesterday, Arsenal 0-1 failed
Against Everton, the points gap with Manchester City has narrowed to 5 points.
After the game, Manchester City fans discussed this on social media, saying that this would be the prelude to Manchester City’s counterattack.

The following is an excerpt from the comments of some Manchester City fans in the “Manchester Evening News”:

Fans “@maserotoninapls”: Manchester City will win tomorrow.

Fan “@NishantSinha88”: Everton’s home win against Arsenal is a super super boon for both Everton and Manchester City.
The gap between us and Arsenal is now reduced to 5 points, thank you, Everton!

Fan “@D4NNY_F0X”: Taking this opportunity, we must seize the moment, try our best to win tomorrow’s game, and narrow the point difference to 2 points.

Fan “@Wilksy_97”: This is the best pep rally ever.

Fan “@CatleyChristian”: Then we have to do the work at hand.
Come on Manchester City!

Fans “@Raza_MCFC”: The counterattack starts now.

Fan “@Reyna6MCFC”: A huge win for Everton!
Brothers, it’s time to rise up!

Fan “@Harri_Burton”: Before the game, who would have thought that Tarkovsky, McNeil, Dyche would be our saviors?
This victory came at just the right time, thank you Everton!

Fan “@MattPidd”: This early kick-off time staged the scene of PUBG led by the new manager, which also makes Manchester City’s game against Tottenham on Sunday even more important.

Fan “@clifford0584”: The gap with Arsenal is even further after this game, only two wins away from them.