Manchester United Name: It is important to complete the contract with Rashford, and I am afraid that he will ask for a large salary increase

March 01. Manchester United Naming Paul Parker said in an interview that he hopes to Rashfufu that Rushfu
When talking about renewal, Germany can consider more factors for personal development, rather than just thinking about a large salary increase.

Parker said: “Manchester United and Rashford have completed a renewal, because he scored a lot of goals. But I am afraid that he now thinks that he is standing on the top of the world, and it will be extremely greedy when he requires a large salary increase.
The focus of his concern is that his focus should be his own development, because he has the opportunity to become the hero of the world’s largest club. Tenghag made him a real shooter, he should remember this.
I don’t think he must have the upper hand in the negotiation. ”

“If he is going to other clubs, where will he go? If you want your career to take a higher level, you can only go to Real Madrid. But they don’t want him or need him.
When an indispensable player, he needs to be very careful. The cemetery is indispensable people, remember this, “Marcus.”