Manchester United notes: After relying on De Gea to withstand the chaotic start, Manchester United completed a tough harvest

Rashford scored twice, Sancho came off the bench to seal the victory, Manchester United played at home in the 24th round of the Premier League
3-0 beat Leicester City.
Ten Hag’s words in the interview after the game were very directional, pointing out the “chaos” of Manchester United’s start, and also admitted that it was De Gea’s magical save to keep the goal.
But then Manchester United showed a very good transition offensive posture. Through continuous behind-the-scenes impact, they finally completed the harvest of the game.

[Manchester United’s formation has hidden dangers, and the Blue Foxes continue to use shocks to create danger]

Due to the frequent schedule, Manchester United’s physical shortcomings are more obvious.
Leicester City’s starting lineup structure is very targeted: Iheanacho can fight against the ball, Madison can send exquisite passes, and Harvey Barnes and Tetai can bring running impact.
It can be seen that Rogers hopes to play space and conversion efficiency in Dream Theater.

In this situation, Manchester United took the lead in exposing its own problems.
On the one hand, Manchester United hopes that the ball will run smoothly, and the opened formation will allow more space for the game.
On the other hand, the premise of the left wing is relatively large, which leads to the emergence of hidden dangers.
This kind of hidden danger is mainly reflected in the midfield: Fred and Sabitzer do not have the ability to strangle. Even if Weghorst retreats more, they still cannot achieve effective coverage.
Leicester City’s targeted oppression and confrontation created several conversion opportunities, and the goal guarded by De Gea was under great pressure.

Figure 1: United’s average positioning in the first 25 minutes (above left) and throughout the first half (above right)

Under the situation where the right side is handed over to B Fee, Manchester United naturally hopes to let Ganacho complete the “consumption” in advance, but facing Castagne, who is physically strong and has excellent individual confrontation quality, Ganacho once again showed immaturity and also
Did not cooperate well with the premise Luke Shaw.
The premise on the left and the hidden worries of the midfield layout structure are fully revealed.

You know, Weghorst once again showed a very good running and defensive posture in this game. In the first half, he succeeded in 4 of 5 steal attempts, most of which contributed to the front of his penalty area.

Figure 2: Weghorst’s steal data and area display in the first half

Therefore, in the first 25 minutes of the first half, Leicester City played a very good catch and changed, threatening the gate guarded by De Gea several times.
Fortunately, De Gea was in excellent form and completed 2 key saves.

Picture 3 4: Under the impact of the opponent, De Gea’s two saves can be called “life-saving”

[B fee once again showed value, Rashford led the harvest of the ball behind him]

As an attacking midfielder with a well-formed style of play, B Fee has shown a better transformation trend under Ten Hag.
While the contribution of the defensive end has increased, the number of “overhead passes” has decreased, allowing his key pass value to be successfully realized.
At the same time, Ten Hag’s use of Rashford is still outstanding.
After Manchester United opened up their formation, they hoped to play a smooth delivery idea and also realize their value in switching offenses.

Figure 5: Manchester United’s first goal, B Fee successfully connected with Rashford

After leading 1-0 at halftime, the game has completely entered Manchester United’s “design track”.
Leicester City’s premise formation, as well as Sabitzer’s improved state, allow the team to complete the follow-up harvest.
At the same time, Sancho, who went to the Netherlands for “special training” during the World Cup, is also showing his positive attitude.

More importantly, Weghorst’s ability to run at a high point can maximize the help of Manchester United tearing up the opponent’s striker, allowing teammates to play the desired cooperation.

Figure 6 7: Two goals from Manchester United in the second half

Especially for the third goal, after Manchester United’s high position passed Lima to complete the fight against the steal, Weghorst’s running directly created a loose space for Sancho’s forward penetration, allowing him to play an effective game with B Fee
Cooperate and finally score the third goal.

After Manchester United led by 3 goals at home, the game has completely entered “garbage time”. Manchester United started the “team feeding Weghorst” and substitutions.
It is a pity that the diligent Weghorst failed to fulfill the goal.


After winning the Blue Fox at home, Manchester United’s third ranking is still stable, and there is only a gap of 3 points from Manchester City in front of them.
In Ten Hag’s first season, the momentum he has shown so far is gratifying.
Next, Ten Hag and his disciples will be fully prepared for the second round of the Europa League play-off against Barcelona and the League Cup final against Newcastle.
For the Red Devils, these two games are another brand new test.

(Boiling water has no temperature/this article only represents personal opinion)