Marca: Real Madrid and Barcelona are paying attention to the 16-year-old Sarsfield forward Prestiani

January 15, according to the Spanish “Marca” report, Argentina won the World Cup
The world’s attention to the Argentine league, Sarsfield forward Gianluca Prestianni (Gianluca Prestianni) walked into the sights of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Prestiani is 16 years old and serves as a striker. Both Real Madrid and Barcelona are interested in him. Prestiani has already made his first team debut for Sarsfield.

Prestiani is the third youngest player to make his debut in the Argentine league, after Maradona and Aguero, and both Real Madrid and Barcelona are keeping a close eye on his performance.

This summer Prestiani can get an Italian passport, which will prevent him from occupying non-EU player seats in La Liga.