Marca reported that Real Madrid never considered allowing Ronaldo to return. The rumors were caused by the players returning to training

January 1st, according to the Spanish "Marca" report, the Portuguese star Ronaldo once had
The idea of returning to Real Madrid, but he did not enter Real Madrid’s plan.

Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid in the summer of 2018. There were rumors that he might return to Real Madrid as a free agent a few days ago, because the players returned to the Real Madrid training base for training.

There is even news in England that Ronaldo is willing to accept a low salary in order to return to Real Madrid, but these are all rumors. Real Madrid has never considered signing Ronaldo back.

Ronaldo has returned to Madrid many times after leaving Real Madrid, because he has a house in Madrid and has some personal affairs to deal with. His relationship with Real Madrid’s old teammates is average, and few people are sad for his departure that year.

In the end, Ronaldo went to Saudi Arabia to play, and Ancelotti said bluntly this Thursday: "We don’t need to strengthen in the winter window."