Mardini: Leo needs to contribute on the defensive end and Maignan should recover in about 10 days

February 11th, the 22nd round of Serie A, before Milan’s home game against Turin, Milan director Malone
Tini accepted an interview with DAZN and talked about the team’s problems, Leo’s contract renewal, Maignan’s injury and other issues.

About the atmosphere and state of the team

Maldini: “Some bad things happen on social media and we know how they happen.

There is no doubt that the team did not start well in January. Even though we won the first game and dominated the second game against Roma, the performance since then has not been up to our standard.

Questions about Pioli and the team

“There is a game every three days, everyone is judged, in football, everyone. Pioli changed the tactical system and brought some stability that was lost. Until January, we
The results are the same as last season, and they also reached the top 16 of the Champions League. The only difference is that Naples has a brilliant season this season.

In general, things have changed for us these few weeks because in training we did a good job and tried to get back to what we were before, but unfortunately that didn’t happen on the pitch, so the mentality of the team has also changed.
will have an impact.

We know it’s a young team and I was part of probably one of the greatest teams of all time in a demanding stadium like the San Siro, but we’ve had worse times than we are now
There is no inherent way to get rid of these problems.

About Leo

“When we signed him, Leo was an auxiliary striker on the left, so it was exactly the same situation as tonight. He was very fast and when he played wide he was almost unstoppable. But he
Not always consistent, Pioli also needs his help on the defensive end.

I don’t think there’s going to be too much pressure on him to move his position a little bit more centrally, because anyway, his scoring ability is already better than when he first arrived, and he’s more in front of goal.
The space he lacks now to attack without the ball.

We are trying to renew the contract with Leo, but now is not the time to think about it, we need to focus on the game, there is no negotiation plan at the moment, although there are telephone and video communication, we don’t need to organize a big event, we can communicate with him at any time
Broker talk.

About Maignan’s injury

“Our plan is to have him back in the squad over the next 10 days, obviously a goalkeeper needs time to recover, especially after suffering a relapse in the same position.

In the past few months, we also considered surgery, but luckily we chose not to have surgery, and he should be back in the team in about 10 days.