Martinez mocked Mbappe many times and was angrily criticized by Lamy: the biggest jerk and the most annoying person in football.

December 22-French centre-back Lamy, a 2018 World Cup champion, lashed out at Argentine goalkeeper Martinez on social media.
Earlier, Martinez said in the locker room celebration that he would observe a minute of silence for Mbappe and held up a doll with Mbappe’s head on it during the victory parade.
In response, Lamy angrily criticized Martinez in ins: “the biggest jerk in football, the most annoying person.”
In a subsequent post, Lamy said Moroccan goalkeeper Bunu should be awarded the World Cup golden glove. Lamy also said that Mbappe beat his opponent so hard that they celebrated the victory over Mbappe rather than winning the World Cup itself.
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