Martinez: the Belgian golden generation deserves a championship final and will win or lose by penalty kicks.

Recently, Martinez, who led Belgium to participate in the World Cup, was interviewed by Radio Corbe in Spain. He talked about Belgium and Azar.
— World Cup performance
We felt great disappointment and Morocco’s performance surprised us because I had never experienced a World Cup match in that atmosphere. But we did our best and the team has grown a lot in the past six and a half years.
-leaving the Belgian national team
This generation of Belgian players deserve a championship, this national team has emerged a lot of good players, we have eight players who have played more than 100 games. The Belgian Football Association gave me a contract extension before the start of the World Cup, but it is clear that an era will come to an end after the World Cup. No matter what my performance in the World Cup, I will not continue to coach Belgium.
— winning the World Cup
If you want to win the World Cup, you have to show perfect performance, there will be no congratulations before you win the game, this period of history has made us stronger, there are tense moments, but this is what it takes to win.
— Azar
He was in a very good period when he joined Real Madrid, but he was injured against Paris Saint-Germain, which opened a new stage for him and now he has fully recovered from the surgery. however, he has never found his role at Real Madrid, he lacks confidence, and this needs to be obtained from the game, he will do his best to solve the current situation.
— World Cup final
France is very much like 2018, Grizman made the team more tight, both teams are ready, the game will go into a penalty shootout, who will win the championship? I won’t tell you.