Mbappe accidentally hit the fans during the warm-up and then apologized, fans: great move

December 16-before the semi-final between France and Morocco, Mbappe shot the ball into the stands during the warm-up and accidentally hit a fan. Mbappe immediately went to the stands to express his condolences to the fans and apologized.
After the game, the fan also spoke to the media: “the ball was shot like a missile and I didn’t even realize what had happened.” I came here after the start of the World Cup, and I joined a support group as a drummer here. I was playing the drum when an object hit me at full speed and knocked me down. ”
“I was hit so badly that I fell on the audience next to me. I was completely stunned. Then I heard the crowd shouting Killian’s name, and then Mbappe ran to me, and I was stunned. He just made a big shot outside the penalty area and then Giroux told him I was hit. Mbappe made a great move. I hope Mbappe can sign my drum face. I hope the news will reach him. Maybe next time I can get in close contact with him in better shape. ”