McAllister: I was pretty nervous when I first met Messi. He’s my idol & is the best in the world.

December 28-Brighton midfielder McAllister talked about Lionel Messi in an interview this week. The Argentine international said he was very nervous when he first met Lionel Messi in Argentina.
“I was so nervous and my hands were shaking. I was a very shy person, so I was really nervous. But you will realize how humble Messi is. ”
“I remember that at that time, I was still playing in Boca Juniors and we started from Argentina to play in a friendly in Spain. Macy was having dinner when we arrived. I went to the table and greeted him with trembling hands. I’m really sweating. But it was a great moment. He is my idol. He is the best football player in the world. ”
McAllister went on to reveal that Messi later told other teammates in Argentina to stop calling McAllister the nickname “Ginger”: “everyone used to call me ‘Colo’, which means ginger in Argentina.” I didn’t like it very much, and then Messi said to everyone on the team, ‘McAllister doesn’t like to be called by that name, so stop calling him that.’ ”
(Lin Yuan)