McCavney: Verhorst is only a short-term solution, he is not the top striker that Manchester United needs

February 3rd West Ham United star McCavney accepted an interview with the media and talked about
And Manchester United striker Verhorst, McCaveney expressed his views.

McCavney said: “He is a short-term solution. He may get a formal contract, but at present he is only a short-term solution. If they can’t get a big-name striker now, he is a good addition.
, until they bring in new players in the summer, whether it’s Kane or someone else.”

“I feel like he’s just a short-term solution, he might get a contract, but once the other players come in, he’s definitely not going to be playing all the time.”

“He’ll know he’s a stopgap, but he’ll get game time and he won’t go to a bigger team than Manchester United.”

“Every time he talks, it’s like he can’t believe he’s at Manchester United, which is a novelty. He’s done nothing wrong at this moment, but he’s not the top striker United need.”

(Little Green Goblin)