Mcmanaman: if Conte leaves Kane, he will leave the team, and Bayern will turn him around.

On December 26th Liverpool veteran Mcmanaman accepted an interview with the media and was asked whether Kane would leave Tottenham this summer. Mcmanaman responded.
“it’s going to happen again, isn’t it?” Mcmanaman said. I remember the last time. ”
“at that time, Kane was interviewed by Neville about his future and it seemed that he wanted to join Manchester City, but he did not do so.”
“it was a dramatic summer and he finally stayed. But has things changed since then? He lost another final and Tottenham still won nothing. ”
“the only difference is that Conte is there, he is a world-class coach who can bring victory, if he leaves office at the end of the season, it may be the last straw to crush Kane.”
“he wants to win the championship and a wait-and-see team like Bayern will make him turn around.”
(little Green Devil)