Media people: Evergrande has been in the forefront of commercialization at the operational level, and demotion can be a process of powder screening.

December 28 when talking about the demotion of the Guangzhou team, media person Li Zhenbo said on his personal Weibo that Evergrande has been in the forefront of commercialization at the operational level, and demotion can be a process of powder screening.
Li Zhenbo wrote: “although the development of football requires patience and adherence to objective laws, almost every corner or attempt to overtake in history comes from Jin Yuan.” Even the Japanese football, which we have been promoting, the first peak after its professionalization, in terms of the quality of introducing foreign aid, is far higher than that of our Jin and Yuan era.
But why can Japan, Qatar and Russia all enlighten with gold dollars, and even buy and buy to revive the market in the Serie An in the ‘Little World Cup’ and the Premier League when they return to the top? and we only sigh and spit on a king who once led the times?
It is true that Evergrande has had a lot of absurd and ridiculous operations in the past decade, but only in terms of the operation of the club, they have been at the forefront of commercialization, just as they were when they were born and when they were ICU. As I always stressed at the beginning of the year, in the process of dying, Evergrande’s large-scale wage reduction, commercialization, live broadcast, and so on, all let me see their vitality at the level of pure club operation. Evergrande did not actually die, but those who are really dead are those clubs that are encouraged and blackmailed by the media, and the only so-called ‘efforts’ in front of life and death are those clubs that cry for their parents to reform their shares with the government. In the past, I asked for money from enterprises, but now I beg from the government, never thinking about how to make any positive and effective attempt in business, but thinking about how to make a fortune while waiting for death.
Demotion is not the end of Evergrande, in fact, it can be a powder screening process, I believe that as long as the club is still there, there will always be a group of fans who have admired your face in the two AFC Champions League champions and will eventually accompany you through the changes of the years. Just like the story of a group of Napoli fans who went bankrupt and restructured and returned to Serie An and the Champions League step by step, this is a romance that only belongs to the world of football.
Unfortunately, when this romantic story is beginning a new chapter, our media people are more keen on wailing, mourning and throwing stones at the bottom of a well, and even rise to the so-called distorted values, which is really chilling. Their attitude today will scare off how many potential investors who still have enthusiasm and hope for football, especially Chinese football-why can we only pay in exchange for being scolded?
No money is spent in any industry. The madness of the Jin and Yuan dynasties was supposed to benefit youth training institutions on a large scale, but it did not: because the Football Association made training compensation and joint mechanism compensation null and void at the stage when the youth training club could make a profit due to the crazy transfer. It was not until after the madness that I thought of extra protection. It was only when the child was gone that he wanted to mix some fake milk powder.
The influx of big-name stars is supposed to be a process of reshaping the market, but it does not: the club, which has never really had a say in the market, can only watch the ignorant and incompetent decision-makers mistakenly release the broadcasting right without a word. in exchange for an ineffective price and the embarrassment of no one in the Chinese Super League.
Throwing the pot to capital at low tide is the most shameless and incompetent performance, we should sum up why we did not seize the opportunity of the Jin and Yuan era, so that the final madness of private real estate enterprises is just madness. Why the Jin and Yuan dynasties did not teach us how to make a profit club and how to run a truly commercial league, but only made some metaphysical articles on the title of the organization.
When the capital is crazy, the managers do not regulate, but open the window for the capital and let the back door be in cahoot. when the capital ebbs, the managers begin to regulate, but only suppress rather than support. Accustomed to charging ‘protection fees’ in the way of the will of the officer, the so-called preparatory team of the Chinese Football Association is nothing more than a different way to continue to suck blood. Due to the incompetence of the managers, we left little wealth in the Jin and Yuan era, and there was no other memorial at the football level except for a few trophies that may not be placed in museums.
And every practitioner in this industry, at the end of an era, should try his best to keep a fire and a hope, tell the stories of Naples, Parma and Glasgow Rangers to the former champion fans, and tell the stories of Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and even Wu Lei and Zhang Yuning to the children who have begun to practice: so that they can keep this love.
The gold and yuan will eventually disappear, and only love can transcend the times. ”