Media people: previously, as long as Chen Xuyuan was with the national team, he had someone to play cards with him at night.

December 30-according to Li Xuan of the Football Daily, as long as Chen Xuyuan, president of the Football Association, accompanied him in the evening to play cards in the previous top 40 and 12 matches, the Football Association knew this situation within the association.
Li Xuan originally wrote as follows:
They all came to ask me if Chen Xuyuan resigned. I don’t know, ha. Now that he wants to resign, I’m afraid the General Administration will not approve it. After all, he has to be responsible for what happened to the Chinese football coach selected by him.
Of course, I don’t think he can be so happy now. before, in the national team, from the top 40 to the top 12, as long as he was with the team, playing cards and mahjong almost every night, from Suzhou to West Asia, it was a pleasure to be able to manage the team well.
Everyone within the Football Association knows his situation, and anyone who plays with him knows it. I hope this matter can also be investigated to see if there is any transfer of benefits.