Media people talk about asking for salary tomorrow: as long as it proves that the contract was signed before Li Tielai, then the salary can be successfully asked

January 12 News Regarding the matter of asking the Wuhan Changjiang Team for salary tomorrow, media person Ran Xiongfei posted a comment
, He believes that tomorrow is very hopeful that he will succeed in asking for salary from the Wuhan Yangtze River Team.

Ran Xiongfei believes that the current case of Li Tie has not yet been determined, and it is reasonable, reasonable and legal for Wuhan Changjiang Club not to deal with the salary issue of “players related to Li Tie”.

He believes that the most important thing to do tomorrow is three points:

First, come up with actual evidence to prove that you are not a signed player of Li Tie or a brokerage company that has a relationship with Teacher Tie.

Second, an accurate signing timeline must be presented tomorrow, which proves that the current salary situation tomorrow is the signing time completed before or after Li Tielai.
It is understood that Tomorrow is the top player of the 95th session of the Wuhan Club. Before Li Tie signed Wuhan Zall, at the beginning of 2017, the Wuhan Club had already given a “high-salary contract” to lock the future in line with the U-23 policy, because
At that time, Tomorrow was a competitive full-back in the National Youth and Olympic teams, and Tomorrow was already a high-paid player in the club before Li Tie.

Third, the “international-level treatment contract” that I have to prove that I was selected for Li Tie’s national team and signed again with the club is not due to Li Tie’s direct intervention, but tomorrow’s personal ability (without Li Tie’s agent)
Company participation) Discuss, negotiate and sign contracts with club executives such as Tian Xudong, Li Qin and others.

Therefore, Ran Xiongfei concluded that there is a great possibility of success in the action of asking for salary tomorrow, as long as there are real evidence to prove the above three points tomorrow, and there are actual certificates of injuries and obvious evidence (injury videos, medical records, etc.) tomorrow,
It is untenable for the club to find other reasons for refusing to pay wages.

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