Media people talk about the rumors of Messi and the Saudi club: the contract has not been received, and the renewal of the Paris Paris is going well

January 13 news In response to the rumors that the Saudi club Riyadh Crescent offered Messi, media people Bin
Yan refuted this rumor.

Recently, some media reported that after the same city rival Riyadh successfully signed Ronaldo, Riyadh Crescent has set its sights on Messi, and they are willing to provide Messi with an annual salary of 300 million US dollars.
In August 2021, when Messi joined Paris, he signed a 2 1 contract. According to the team newspaper, Messi has not yet agreed to renew the contract.

In this regard, media person Binyan refuted the rumors on his personal social media and said: “Messi’s team: did not reject the Saudi contract because it did not receive it. The process of renewing the contract with Paris has been relatively smooth so far, and there have been no obstacles.”