Menotti: Lionel Messi is Argentina’s most modest captain, thanks to Scaloni in the finals.

December 15 recently, Menotti, who led the Argentine national team to win the 1978 World Cup, was interviewed by the media. He talked about Lionel Messi and Argentina.
— Macy
Messi is the most simple captain in the history of Argentina, but he also has the rebellious spirit to stand out when the game is not satisfactory, and his characteristics have provided a lot of help to the team.
— Scaroni
He is absolutely commendable for the team’s achievements, and he and his coaching staff have worked out a serious and very competitive plan with the Argentine Football Association. Scaroni has strengthened the spirit necessary for the team to fight, and he is strengthening himself every day to benefit him and everyone around him.
— Van Gaal
He is very old and talks a lot of nonsense. he is a good coach, but he makes a mess of the players.
— World Cup final
Argentina should play football more with their heads than with their legs. They need more wisdom.