Merson: Chelsea’s new aid is not what Porter wants, they don’t have stronger strength

February 23 News In his column recently, Merson talked about Chelsea’s new aid

Merson wrote: “Chelsea is not doing well at the moment. Porter is not looking after himself, but the whole team. I like that. To be honest, Saturday is an important game. The last game against the league
Bottom side Southampton, Porter didn’t play two of the team’s best players, Reece James and Thiago Silva, because he was looking after them. He could have said: ‘My job
At stake, I want you guys to play.’ But he didn’t.

“I think Porter needs time. I’m not sure if these players are what Porter wants at the moment. Is this the main reason for Chelsea’s problems at the moment. I can’t imagine these players are what Porter wants.
A lot of players are homogeneous, but the overall level is not higher than before. Players are bought to improve the squad, but this has not happened at Chelsea. Porter’s next season will have an extra pre-season, just
I don’t know how he should work with these players.

“On the face of it, these players didn’t look like he wanted them. They were just a truckload of youngsters and then everyone signed with the team for seven or eight years. That’s not the way football works.

“People don’t think Porter is the right man to be Chelsea manager, but I think he is. Personally, I want to give him time, I don’t want to see a team change too often, but I really think
Can’t read Chelsea’s roster. This Saturday against Tottenham is Chelsea’s biggest game of the season and if they lose I’m not sure Porter can turn back because the fans will be furious. This game can change
Everything—if won, Potter would be a hero.

“He’s just been beaten at home by the bottom of the league and he’s still out, so maybe the top will continue to support him. I like him as a manager, but I also look at the quality of the players and question that.
They brought in Mudrick for £88m but last game against Southampton he didn’t show anything other than 20 minutes off the bench. I don’t mean anything, just don’t think anyone wants such a high price
It will take time to realize.

“Young players are not necessarily better than the ones already in the team, you can’t tell me Mudric is better than Sterling or Pulisic, he’s not. Why buy a bunch of players that are no better than what you have
Players with better players? Apart from Enzo and Badiasil, none of the other new arrivals have helped the team improve performance.”

(Sonny time)