Messi and Di Maria won the Olympic Games and the World Cup at the same time, the only two players after World War II

January 1 IFFHS (International Football History and Statistics Federation) statistics show that Messi and Di Maria
Malia is the only two post-World War II players to win both the World Cup and the Olympics.
Argentina won the World Cup in Qatar. Messi and Di Maria are members of the team. The two also won the 2008 Beijing Olympics with Argentina. They are the 12th and 13th players in history to win the World Cup and the Olympics.
There are only two people behind.
Players who have won the World Cup and Olympics: 1 Andrade (Uruguay) Olympics: 1924, 1928 World Cup: 19302 Castro (Uruguay) Olympics: 1928 World Cup: 19303 Pedro Cea (Uruguay) Olympics: 1924
, 1928 World Cup: 19304 Lorenzo Fernandez (Uruguay) Olympics: 1928 World Cup: 19305 Gustido (Uruguay) Olympics: 1928 World Cup: 19306 Nasac (Uruguay) Olympics: 1924, 1928 World Cup: 19307 Scarone
(Uruguay) Olympics: 1924, 1928 World Cup: 19308 Bertoni (Italy) Olympics: 1936 World Cup: 19389 Forni (Italy) Olympics: 1936 World Cup: 193810 Ugo Locatelli (Italy) Olympics: 1936 World Cup: 193811 Lava
(Italy) Olympics: 1936 World Cup: 193812 Messi (Argentina) Olympics: 2008 World Cup: 202213 Di Maria (Argentina) Olympics: 2008 World Cup: 2022 (Luca)