Messi: I also want to play for Argentina as a World Cup champion.

On December 19th, Messi was interviewed by TyC and other broadcasters in the match against France.
People have been dreaming about it for a long time, and the whole country is crazy about it:
It’s really crazy, look at this trophy, it’s really wonderful, do you know how many times I’ve kissed this trophy? I have dreamed for a long time, and I have said many times that God will eventually give me this trophy, and I have a hunch that this is it. Now we are going to celebrate, and everyone can’t wait to go back to Argentina and have fun with you.
Your career has been great, everyone thinks you have nothing to lack, but you always say you lack this World Cup:
Yes, if I can retire today, I don’t think there will be any problem. I want nothing more. Thank God for giving me everything, because now it’s almost time for me to retire, because this is the end of my career, it’s great to be able to retire with the World Cup.
Will you consider continuing to play for Argentina? Do you have any other wishes?
What else can I do after that? I have won the World Cup and the Copa America and I think my career is coming to an end. But I like football, I enjoy playing for the national team, I like this team very much, and I hope to continue to play as a champion a few times.
Is this the best champion of your career?
Yes, this is my childhood, but also any player’s dream to win the World Cup. I am lucky to win almost all the honors. I was short of the World Cup before, and now the World Cup is here.