Messi responded to quitting the national team: he will replan a lot of things after the World Cup

March 26-Messi gave an interview after the match against Venezuela.
Today in the candy box, so many fans, and such a good atmosphere, did you expect it before the game?
To be honest, I know there will be a lot of fans today, and we all know there will be a lot of people. After the recent period of time, this kind of occasion is very happy for everyone, and everyone enjoys it.
Back in Argentina this time, you seem to be very happy:
Yes, I have always been very happy, as is the case with the Argentine national team. Before winning the Copa America, our team was very good and our fans were very enthusiastic, which has always been the case. I am grateful for the enthusiasm of the fans here and I am very happy every time I come back to Argentina.
This is especially true after the Copa America, everything comes naturally, which makes us more comfortable in the game, and winning makes everything easier. Today is the last home game before the World Cup, we are here to bid farewell to the fans, this is a very good way.
Will you continue to participate in the world preliminaries after this World Cup?
I don’t know right now. I’m thinking about the game against Ecuador on Tuesday, followed by a warm-up match in June, an international match in September, an international match in October, and then the World Cup. But I will reschedule a lot of things after the World Cup, no matter how it turns out, then I need to concentrate on what I’m going to do. We need to see what the situation will be like by then. I hope everything goes well.