Messi’s distribution of 61 free kicks: 41 times in the five major leagues, 5 times in the Champions League, 4 times in the Copa America

February 20th, the 24th round of Ligue 1, Paris beat Lille 4-3,
Ended nearly three games without a win in all competitions.
In stoppage time of the game, Paris had a free kick in the frontcourt. Messi took the penalty and chose to shoot directly. The ball hit the near post and bounced into the net!

According to statistics, Messi scored the 61st free kick in his career, including 50 for Barcelona, 9 for the Argentine national team, and 2 for Paris. The distribution is as follows:

Five major leagues: 41

Champions League: 5 times

Copa del Rey: 3 times

Western Super Cup: 1 time

UEFA Super Cup: 2

Copa America: 4

World Cup world preliminaries: 4 times

Friendly match: 1 time

(night God)