Milan: AC Milan will not buy out Bakayoko, he will leave the team when his lease expires

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Bakayoko, who moved to AC Milan on loan from Chelsea, will not be bought out by Milan and will leave the team when his lease expires in June next year.
Bakayoko, 28, obviously has time to get back on track and show himself again, but he hasn’t been in good shape in the last two seasons.
His appearance at Milan was 607 minutes in 2021-22, compared with zero this year. So far, Bakayoko has never had a chance to play in Milan’s 21 official games this season.
The possible reason is that Bakayoko has a two-year lease at Milan and he may have a mandatory buyout clause in the second year. His buyout terms are 15 million euros, and Pioli doesn’t want to pay for him.
As a matter of fact, Milan have already tried to get him out on loan in the summer transfer market, but the action has not been successful. Opportunities still exist in the winter transfer window, but salary is still an obstacle for his potential suitors.