Milan: Inter have a long talk with Shick’s agent for two hours to make a new offer, and the players are closer to contract renewal.

December 23-Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that Internazionale had a long meeting with Shick’s agent today and made a new offer.
Milan pointed out that Internazionale executives talked with Shikriniar’s agent for about two hours today, and the two sides have reached a major agreement on the amount of annual salary to renew the contract. At present, Shick’s contract expires in June next year, his annual salary is 3.8 million euros, and Inter have made a new offer for a contract renewal of 6 million euros, which is still lower than the 9 million euros in Paris, but Shick has never closed the door to contract renewal.
The report also pointed out that neither Shick nor Inter have discussed leaving the team in January and the players want to focus on the pitch. At present, Shick is closer to completing a contract renewal with Inter.