Milan: Juve want to renew their contract with DiMaria for another year and are expected to negotiate in February next year.

According to reports from Corriere dello Sport’s Juventus correspondent Fabiana Della Valle, although Di Maria has not played much this season due to injuries, Juve still hope that he can play an important role in the second half and the club plans to renew his contract for another year.
The day before yesterday, Argentina beat France to win the World Cup in Qatar. DiMaria played well in the final and the Juve club congratulated him on social media. After achieving the goal of the national team, Juve fans also hope that Di Maria can help the club go further.
Di Maria’s contract with Juve expires in June 2023, when the player offered to sign an one-year contract because he wanted to return to Argentina after the World Cup and end his career with the debut Rosario central team. however, in previous interviews, Di Maria also did not close the door to contract renewal, saying that no one knows what will happen in the future.
At present, Juve director Keloubini has arranged a meeting with Di Maria’s agent Piro Santo, which may be scheduled for February next year. Juve hope to offer Di Maria another year of contract. Despite being 34 years old and suffering from several injuries, Di Maria is still considered a decisive player, and playing for Juve for two years means that the club can enjoy tax breaks and save some money.